Airborne Dye Movie from May 11th 2012

Animation of “dye” concentration from New River Inlet on May 11th 2012. Dye concentration is derived by differencing measured light at two wavelengths and is indicated by the black color. Dye is released in a single bomb up the inlet ~500 m from the junction with the inter-coastal waterwaterway (ICW). It propagates downstreamon the ebb tide. Unlike previous releases, the dye spreads across the entire channel and exits both the old and new channels. However, the tide switches to flood and sucks back the dye that was leaving the old channel.

For other information on this dye relase day go  here and here.

The .mov file (which is much more crisp than the youtube video) can be downloaded here.



Airborne Dye Movie from May 8th

We’ve also gotten the May 8th dye movie put together. Check out the youtube video or the link to the .mov file below.

The dye qualitatively behaves similar to on May 7th (see previous post). However, the dye does not get advected as far downcoast.   However, there are a number of coherent structures clearly visible in the dye field.    The most dramatic are perhaps the eddies spinning off of the jet escaping out the small channel to the SW of the inlet.  See frame at time 1711 at x=250m and y=-800m (approx).

Link to the .mov file is found here


Airborne dye movie from May 7 2012

We’ve been busy processing up the RIVET I data from the New River Inlet, which we will be posting to our ftp site soon. We’ve also been working up the airborne observations (in collaboration with Luc Lenain & the Melville lab). The video below shows a visualization of the May 7th dye release.

Animation of repeated airborne passes of the dye plume imaged with the hyperspectral imager with New River Inlet bathymetry contours.   Data is from May 7th 2012.    The dye signal is constructued by differencing light in two different wavenumber bands.

The full movie file which has much more detail can be downloaded here