re: Dye Release on May 11th – bomb release near Inter-Coastal Waterway

Here is another aerial image to complement those posted earlier by Falk.  This photograph shows some very cool eddies, and it is also a great illustration of how thin the surface layer of dye was to the SW of inlet.  The dye-free streak on the right side of the photograph was left in the path of our dye sampling WaveRunner.

One thought on “re: Dye Release on May 11th – bomb release near Inter-Coastal Waterway”

  1. I am fascinated by the lack of deformation of the track of the jet ski. Was the image taken at slack water or was the current running either upstream or downstream? Assuming that it takes several minutes for the waverunner to transit the channel (no wake so you weren’t hotdogging like some today), and you are travelling in a straight line across the channel, then unless you were at dead slack water the wake should have been displaced. I have seen a similar thing in a satellite image of Northumberland Strait where the wake of a ferry that takes ~90 minutes to cross a channel with tides over 1 m/s is a perfect staight line. Can anyone explain?

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