SWIFT drifter results to date

Here is a composite image from 12 days of SWIFT drifter runs through the inlet spanning many different tide/wind/wave conditions.  The color scale is the surface turbulence dissipation rate, which is generally correlated with strong wave-current interactions in the two channels.  Preliminary turbulence metrics and bulk wind, wave, and current values are posted for each day at http://herschel.apl.washington.edu/darla/SWIFT/, along with an xls  table listing available data.  More to come!

APL-UW drifter tracks thru 9 May.

2 thoughts on “SWIFT drifter results to date”

  1. Jim, this is a really nice plot. One suggestion: can you put a colorbar for the dissipation scale on it? are these numbers 1e-8 or 1e-4 or ?? m^2/s^3 ??
    very curious to know.

    1. Thanks. The blue colors are 10^-5 and the reds are 10^-2 in conventional units of m^2/s^3. I’ll repost an image with a color bar (good idea)… and including drifts from yesterday (just processed).

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