Delft3D model simulations posted

From Ad Reneirs & Patrick Rynne:

We’ve posted the latest model predictions for NRI for the 28th-29th at the link below.
Please click on the .zip file link in the center of the page.

we are driving up today, predictions will be more timely in the days ahead once we get

-Patrick & Ad

Below is an image on flooding tide from the model simulation showing current vectors on top of the bathymetry from Apr 16/17.    Although the comparison is qualitative, note the difference in how far offshore the ebb tide jets relative to the NEARCOM simulation.

New NRI NEARCOM model results on the Apr 16/17 Bathy (Tom, Julie, & Fengyan)

The UDEL folks have posted new NEARCOM model results on their website.   The basic conditions are the same.  One M2 tidal cycle, with normally incident Hsig=1 m, and then varying the drag coefficient.     It is hard to tell from these simulations how far offshore the tidal jet goes.    We will be simulating drifter trajectories on these model currents and posting that soon.

Initial Timex Images

Attached (with luck) are initial time exposure images from today at 1700 EST (1800 EDT??). We surveyed this evening and will be doing image geometries tomorrow then will run routine rectification maps thereafter. But we thought people might be interested in the shoal geometries.