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SIO Airborne Flight (9/14/17)

Today the SIO Melville lab was limited by a persistent cloud layer but we were still able to fit in a 3.5 hour flight at a reduced altitude of 2000ft. We flew a grid pattern above the ship tracks near Guadalupe, alongshore tracks from Oceano to Purisima Point, and cross-shore tracks originating from Guadalupe and Purisima Point. Click on images for full size.

L to R: Looking South from above Guadalupe at Point Sal, Point Purisima and Point Sal, tons of IWs extending south from Point Sal.

L to R: Looking North from above Point Sal at Mussel Rock, R/V Sally Ride and R/V Oceanus transecting IWs off of Guadalupe, R/V Sally Ride.

Evidence of cross-shore exchange at Oceano 20 m isobath

Here’s a quick plot from one of Sounder’s laps around the inshore box today (14 Sep 2017).  The first leg goes along the 20 m isobath from the NW corner to the southwest corner.  The upper 10 m of water is headed onshore (red) at ~20 cm/s, and the lower 10 m of water is headed offshore at ~ 20 cm/s.  Classic cross-shore exchange?  You be the judge.  More puzzling is the lack of exchange (or much flow at all, green being ~0 cm/s) along the 10 m isobath….

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