Vostok is a small uninhabited island that occupies most of the reef platform upon which it rests. Vostok and Flint are the most southern of the Line Islands and receive less rainfall than the other islands (approximately 500 mm yr-1 ). These average rainfall patterns are related directly to the mean annual position of the intertropical convergence zone, which, while under- going some seasonal north–south migration, nevertheless remains north of the equator throughout the year in the region of the Line Islands. Vostok is only one square mile with no anchorage in the lagoon. It was named in 1820 by a Russian Antaractic explorer, who named the island after his ship. The island was never exploited for guano and attempts at establishing a plantation there in 1922 failed. As a result, Vostok’s indigenous flora is the least disturbed of the Line Islands (Encyclopedia Britannica).