Cross Surfzone / Inner-shelf Dye Exchange

Welcome to our CSIDE experiment website. We are studying the exchange between the surfzone (where waves break) and the inner-shelf (shallow shelf just offshore of the surfzone). We will be using bright pink dye as a tracer to quantify the exchange and to measure the amount of along-shore and cross-shore dispersion. This research is applicable to understanding transport of a variety of tracers including contaminants, larvae, and more in the nearshore region where humans and ecosystems are directly impacted.

schedule updates!

Dye releases are complete! First dye release was Wednesday-Thursday 23-24 September 2015! Second release was Thursday-Friday 8-9 October 2015! And the third release was Monday-Tuesday 12-13 October 2015. Thank you so much to everyone who helped out! Check out photos, media, thank-yous and results from the experiment!

news, photos and media!

We were so busy preparing for our first dye release that we fell behind in keeping our blog up-to-date. Please check out results from the first dye release and new photos from the dye release and pre-release planning here and make sure you scroll down!

Also, check out all of the media!

CSIDE to be highlighted at the TRNERR speaker series!

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CSIDE preliminary results presented at the IBWC Citizen's Forum

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CSIDE - aerosols!

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Release #3 - at the mouth of the Tijuana River Estuary

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Dye Release 2: 8-9 Oct 2015

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