Updates: Teamwork makes the dream work

Updates: Teamwork makes the dream work

Thank you for visiting the FjordPhyto site! This is a post to share some quick updates with you all and provide links to all the great work being done.

The sampling season in Antarctica is still under way with our IAATO tour ship partners hard at work (and having fun) collecting phytoplankton until late March! Huge thank you to all collecting samples this season.


This week in particular (February 16-21, 2020), we are presenting the findings of our work at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, California. This conference brings together thousands of ocean sciences researchers and the ocean-connected community to raise awareness of the truly global dimensions of the ocean, address environmental challenges, and set forth on a path towards a resilient planet for the future!

We are very excited to share the results of our polar Antarctic citizen science project with the broader community through events like this. If you would like to see the poster presented here it is (image below). The poster is a snapshot of our two recent publications.

Our first scientific peer-reviewed publication came out August 2019 in Polar Biology showing the results from the first year of sampling. Check it out here Mascioni et al., 2019

Our second scientific peer-reviewed publication came out shortly after online January 2020 in Oceanography detailing the development process of the citizen science framework as an effective way to further science and engage the public in active polar research. Check it out here Cusick et al., 2020.

Martina coming to San Diego soon…

We are also very excited that graduate student Martina Mascioni will be coming up from Buenos Aires, Argentina to join the Vernet Lab and work together in San Diego for a couple of months this summer. See our last post about the Fellowship she was awarded and stay tuned for future posts on her visit.

Thank you to all

This project could not happen without a team of enthusiastic partners, and we appreciate every person who has been supportive along the way!

Would you like to donate to this work?

We are always looking to grow and expand the program to get more people engaged. Of course, nothing would happen without financial support, so we thank the NSF Office of Polar Programs, Scripps Mullin Fellowship, Hurtigruten Foundation, and many generous donors. If you would like to support this work through a financial contribution, please visit our tax-deductible donation link! All donations go directly to the project and help us buy equipment for the field, process samples in the lab, and attend conferences to share our work!

Donate at this link today!

Please share your experiences with us!

Additionally, we always love to hear your experiences and see photos of you in action. If you have any testimonies or comments you would like to send our way, we’d love to hear from you!


Stay cool FjordPhyto team 😉

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