Scripps Innovation Webinar Series

This quarterly seminar series will cover topics under the Scripps priority research initiatives of risk and resilience to hazards and human health and the oceans.  The goal of the series is to inform industry partners of Scripps Oceanography’s latest research and innovation, applied research tools, collaboration opportunities and ways to work with our community to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Risk & Resilience

Topics include:

Coastal Hazards


Extreme Weather Events

Cliff Erosion

Human Health and the Oceans

Topics include:

Environmental Toxicology

Marine Biomedical Models and Cell Biology

Natural Products

Climate Change Effects on Human Health

Upcoming webinars


Past webinars

Work with us!

To find out more about how your company can work with Scripps Oceanography, please visit our business website and contact Gwen Nero, Director of Corporate Relations & Innovation at or Vanessa Scott, Industry Relations & Innovation Analyst at