Access Scripps unique facilities for research & development

Ship Operations & Marine Technical Support

Scripps has one of the largest academic research fleets in the world, which plays a critical role in exploring our planet and conducting important research in all the world's oceans.

Hydraulics Laboratory

The Hydraulics Laboratory offers many testing facilities including a wind-wave channel, three pressure testing vessels, and a temperature/pressure calibration facility.

Ellen Browning Scripps Pier

As one of the world's biggest research piers, it is used for boat launching and a variety of experiments. Data on ocean conditions and plankton taken from the pier since 1916 provide an unparalleled source of information on changes in the coastal Pacific Ocean.

Marine Science & Development Center

MSDC specializes in the design, development, fabrication, and assembly of oceanographic, space, and general scientific hardware from minute laser components to large-scale integrated systems.

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