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100IC team featured in bioGraphic while on expedition in the Cook Islands

Researchers from the 100 Island Challenge team were interviewed for a piece in bioGraphic in January on an expedition to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. The article, “Picture of Health,” published online last week, details the daily life of researchers in the field and shares the team’s optimistic view of coral reef health in areas where local managers are making waves to effectively protect their natural resources. According to the article, “Despite myriad threats, some coral reefs are thriving, or rebounding, suggesting it may be far too early to write the obituary for these critical ecosystems.”

Moving forward, the team hopes to work with local communities in the Cook Islands and other similar places to empower local officials and stakeholders with knowledge of the health of their reefs in order to facilitate effective management strategies.

Read the full article here!

Smith Lab alum, Maggie Johnson, uses her field skills to learn more about Panama’s reefs

Smith Lab Ph.D. alum, Dr. Maggie Johnson, was recently featured in the latest issue of Trópicos for her work studying coral reefs of Panama as part of her postdoctoral research with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Check out this YouTube video featuring Maggie’s postdoctoral work in Bocas del Toro, where she uses field techniques she learned in the Smith Lab to answer important questions about reef health in Panama under changing ocean conditions!

Way to go, Dr. Johnson!

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