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Please enter comments below about improvements/fixes to Ulysses/Ribbit/AFSV (I can’t decide on the name).  Current compiled version for Macs can be downloaded here:

MATLAB version for Macs can be downloaded here, along with JAVA program needed for bulk processing:
For both compiled and non-compiled versions, you need to drag the file “Ulysses.zip” to your Desktop and double click it.  For the compiled version, open the folder “Ulysses” and double click on “start_Ulysses_Mac”.   A splash screen of a sperm whale should appear and then you will be asked to choose a default analysis folder (do NOT choose Ulysses folder itself).  You should be ready to go!
I strongly advise creating a “Ulysses_analysis” folder on your Desktop as well, and saving all images, sounds, and ‘psd’ files to there, instead of Ulysses.

7 thoughts on “Ulysses/AFSV software”

  1. Ulysses won’t start up because of SplashScreen error.

    Error in AllFile_specgram_viewer>AllFile_specgram_viewer_OpeningFcn (line 79)
    Error in gui_mainfcn (line 221)
    Error in AllFile_specgram_viewer (line 54)

    [Process completed]

    1. Can you confirm that the following file is in the right place?
      That is, is file ‘104703.JPG’ inside the Ulysses folder? Are you using a Mac or a Windows PC?

  2. 1. Save the .mat file along with the .fig and .jpeg for the PSD processor (the way it is in the Spectrum processor).
    2. When typing in numbers for the angle box of the accelerometer data, have it update when pressing the enter key (like the dB min and spread boxes) instead of needing to hit update every single time.
    3. For the “input for PSD statistics” box when reformatting the box plot, have the entries recall what was previously typed in, especially the percentile space at the bottom – this is the case for min and max freq, but that’s it)
    a. have the datetick style pop up box in this menu, too, when reformatting has been chosen, not as a separate second window.
    4. Have a way to change the directory for the boxplots figures to save to without having to close out and reopen the entire program (like the Select Directory button in the annotations box, but for the entire Processor dropdown menu)

    Thanks Aaron!

  3. A sample of continuous boat noise for the detector:

    File GBNP_2013_PtAyel1_13041710.DAT

    A boat is over the hydrophone at the beginning of the file and it lasts for about 20 minutes (10:33:00 to 10:59:ish). Right as it is dissipating, it either accelerates, or turns back around. No obvious whale activity on first glance.

    The file exists on Jonah (confirmed from looking for it on MacMussel), but it doesn’t show up when I’m logged in remotely on Papa Mac. I will email you the file directly.

  4. Opening wav files creates a simple error that just says the window edge is too close (regardless of the datum format entered for the start time). This is occurring for the newest .m file as well as for the compiled PC version. The compiled PC version won’t pop up the window asking for the start time even.

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