This area would define the minimum performance and required features of software for facilitating real-time monitoring and acquiring metadata.  Some possible subcategories for this section include minimum requirements for displays for monitoring by human operators (minimum spectrogram size; ability to replay sounds; ability to log notes and metadata), and minimum performance requirements for real-time automated detection and/or classification software.  The standard will outline procedures for testing minimum performance requirements for automated software.

This section will probably define what non-acoustic information (metadata) needs to be logged by software; however, as discussed later, the details of how the metadata records are compiled and formatted will not be covered by this standard.

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  1. (Stanley Labak, BOEM)

    Just a short note that this area could be very tough. What tools/techniques/capabilities must be in the software to allow a minimally acceptable PAM, compared to what might be suggested or desired could be a difficult discussion. Also, what support software like acoustic prop modeling needs to be available should probably be discussed?

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