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Under this proposal the title of the standard would be revised to become “American National Standard for Towed Passive Acoustic Systems for Marine Mammal Monitoring and Mitigation”, with the change in name and scope approved by the ANSI-Accredited Standards Committee in Bioacoustics.  The general philosophy of the standard is to delineate  a process that defines what the minimum performance required of a towed PAM system would be, then steps through how hardware, software, and operations are selected to meet or exceed these requirements.

The standard would provide requirements, recommendations, and potentially illustrative examples for six areas:  Initial planning, hardware, software, operator training, operating procedures, and performance validation.  The standard also species specific topics it will not cover.

One of the first goals of this effort is to determine whether other areas should be covered, e.g.  metadata collection requirements, and localization algorithms and hardware.  This website aims to facilitate such discussion.

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  1. One of the six areas mentioned here is “operator training”, which in the following webpage it is under “operator requirements”. I think “requirements” is more appropriate since it includes both “qualification/experiences/skills” and “training needed.”

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