Hi MIST Followers,

We are off! We left port last night around 10 pm after refueling was completed.  It was sad to say goodbye to Sri Lanka, but we are excited to be underway and to begin our science mission!


Before we left the science party had a last dinner on land together at Amaravathi, a popular local restaurant in the Kollupitiya area of Colombo that serves Sri Lankan and Indian food. It was fun to get to know everyone, and the food was delicious.


We have calm seas today (knock on wood), which is a great way to start the trip as we all learn more about our responsibilities on watch. As you can see, there are a lot of screens to look at – and a lot of information to process. For many in the science party this is the first sea-going work with these instruments, and so we are all gaining valuable experience as we go.


We have two days of transit until we reach our first coring and survey location – so expect several more blog posts from the science party in the next couple days as we slowly ramp up our science mission.


Happy Holidays to Everyone!