Safety training and life in McMurdo town

Sorry for the delayed posts!…we arrived Thursday last week and have been busy with meetings, training, packing our gear for camp, learning the ins-and-outs of McMurdo town life, and wait, there’s more training! Indoor field safety training and now outdoor training. I have begun to realize that 80% of research in Antartica is preparing and surviving the environment while 20% is direct research…this may not be entirely true but it’s a reality in this harsh environment. This week starts the more intense outdoor training, crevasse training, deep field camp survival, and snowmobile training. ┬áHere’s some pictures from the training sessions and a couple of fun pics too.

Tour around McMurdo town
Field Safety training
Indoor crevasse training…Learning how to tie knots to climb ropes, called prusiks
Outdoor crevasse training in the man made crevasse…hard work to get up that wall and fun too!