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CMBC Alumni attend the Annual Ocean Gala during Capitol Hill Ocean Week

CMBC Alumni attend Ocean Gala Award Ceremony

Dr. Nancy Knowlton, CMBC founding director, was awarded the National Marine Sanctuaries Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to coral research, science communication and marine science education.

Young professionals whose careers have been shaped by Dr. Knowlton’s efforts span the globe as leaders and influencers, shaping US ocean policy in the halls of Congress and conducting research that combines the natural and social sciences to inform decision making. Pictured here with Drs Jeremy Jackson and Nancy Knowlton are some CMBC alumni who attended the gala. Matt Mulrennan  Dr. Miriam Goldstein, Kim McIntyre, Dr. Ayana Johnson, and Shannon Yee.

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Our Daily Planet – Heroines of the Week:  Two Long Time Ocean Champions

California Sea Grant selects three CMBC alumni

NOAA Sea Grant has announced the finalists for the incoming class of the John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellows. Four finalists nominated by California Sea Grant will begin placements in Washington D.C. in February 2020.  Three of these finalists are CMBC Alumni.

Congratulations to Jennifer Lee, Kaitlyn Lowder, and Kat Montgomery



This fall, the they will travel to Washington, D.C., to interview with several executive or legislative offices. Following placement, they will begin their fellowship in February 2020

Executive appointments for the 2019 Knauss fellows included placements throughout the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as well as with Department of the Interior, National Science Foundation, U.S. Navy, and other agencies. Legislative placements included the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (Minority), the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (Majority), the Senate Commerce Committee (Majority and Minority), the House Committee on Natural Resources (Minority), and several placements in both majority and minority of offices.

Jennifer, Kaitlyn and Kat will join another 28 alumni who now work in Washington, D.C. Twenty Four of these alumni were Knauss Fellows.

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